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Bank History Established - 22/06/1960

Late Dr. Satgonda (Appasaheb) Revronda Patil Saheb (Sa.Re.Patil) former two times MLA of Maharashtra State. Dr. Appasaheb Patil Saheb was also Chairman of Datta Sahakari Sugar Factory, Shirol and created a strong co-operative movement in shirol taluka. DR. S. R. Patil is came from common farmer family and had a close and deep knowledge regarding the rural & economy problem face by farmer and common people.

Dr. Sa. Re. Patil Sir was greatly influence by thinking of Sane Gureji, S. M. Joshi, N. G. Gore he was also a member of "Rashtra Shave Dal". Dr. Sa. Re. Patil Sir was a founder of our Bank. In 1960 along with his companions Mr. Dattatrya H. Kulkarni, Mr. Jaykumar A. Pandit, Mr. Baburao S. Kore and others started bank and get registered on date 22-06-1960 with a view to establish a financial institute on the principle of cooperation by the common people under there guidance for the upliftment and development of common people to make them to stand strong, in view to make common man free from moneylender, Development to society, Economic stability and education..

Bank was stated on 22-06-1960 with capital of 14,200/- with the 21 Member in small rented premises. Bank got approval to banking services for the jurisdiction is Kolhapur and Sangli Districts. Currently Bank Capital is 5.84 Crore, Deposits 144 Crore and Loans 90 Crore . Mr. Ganpatrao S. Patil (Udhyan Pandith), Mr. Ganpatrao S. Patil is a Chairman of Datta Sahakari Sahakar Karkhan Shirol has valuable support and guideline to our Bank.

Dr. Appasaheb Urf Sa. Re. Patil Jaysingpur Udgaon Sahakari Bank Ltd., Jaysingpur is the first Bank from Shirol Taluka of Kolhapur District in Cooperative Banks has adopted technically advanced software and had computerised bank. Bank had computerized TBA at year 1997 and adopted new core banking technology from the year 2009 with Six Branches and one ATM. With the constitute effort of Our Hon. Chairman Mr. Mahadev Rajmane, Vis. Chairman Mahindra Baig and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Subhash B. Chougule our Bank is steeping forward in way of progress.

In the year 2009 bank has adopted Core Banking Solution with the setup of 10 Branches & Head Office, Two ATM with Own Data Center. Bank had set targate of 500 Crore Depoist up to year 2020. In future Bank is going to provide Rupay ATM, SMS Banking, Internet banking to our Customres.

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